Tim Alden, past president of Association of WA

I’m Tim Alden, retired Optician since 2013, and twice President of the Opticians Association of Washington. I was on the OAW Board for 15 years (1998-2013). We hired Donna Hatch in either 2002 or ‘03 as our Executive Director. She has always been eager to accept new challenges, much to our benefit. At this point she knows just about anyone worth knowing in the optical business, including vendors and optical educators. She plans year’s ahead setting up hotel venues and education schedules. As well as our local OAW, she has become a renowned leader in the national optical business through her work with the Opticians Association of America. Donna is also an excellent troubleshooter, fixing glitches as they sometimes come along, as no event will ever run at 100% problem free. Oh, and by the way, did I mention she’s done all this while holding down a full-time day job as a Licensed Dispensing Optician at her clinic in Yakima, WA?

We on the OAW Board used to kid that Donna never sleeps, as she always responded to our emails no matter what time of night. So, yes, I’d recommend her to be your Event Planner. I know she would do an excellent job and fulfill all your expectations.

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