Apprenticeship Training Program for Opticians

Most licensing states require their aspiring Opticians to apprentice, earn formal training and education, and become nationally certified prior to sitting for their state licensing exam. You’re lucky if you’re in Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, or Virginia. They accept the Ophthalmic Career Progression Program (OCPP) as one way to earn that training and education, leading you directly to certification and licensing.

Apprenticeship Training Program for Opticians

What is the Ophthalmic Career Progression Program?
Your work-home study apprenticeship training program is at your pace and in your space! Study with books or online at home and work with your mentor in the office.

The OCPP is a thorough and comprehensive Apprenticeship Training Program for Opticians. It provides the background and knowledge necessary for an individual to perform competently as a professional, qualified Dispensing Optician. The program is accepted by 12 licensing states as one way aspiring Opticians can earn the education required for licensing.

Easy and Convenient
· No classroom instruction
· Study online or from books
· Learn at your own pace at home and at work
· Work while you learn, “work/study” program

· $1,100 when paid in full
· $1,200 when paid over time ($300 down / $50 monthly payments)

· The following states have approved the OCPP to allow apprentices to earn state-required training and education and licensing through the OCPP. Each state utilizes the OCPP differently. Please call or go to your State Board’s website for details.

Proven and Trusted
· LensCrafters/Luxottica, Walmart Vision Center, Visionworks, America’s Best, National Vision, Warby Parker, Target Optical, and VSP Vision Care are all well represented by our 3,887+ active apprenticeship students.
· The Department of Labor has recognized the OCPP as the National Guideline for Apprenticeship Training in Opticianry.

Are you planning to pursue your education in Opticianry beyond apprenticeship training? Hillsborough Community College (HCC) and Reynolds Community College (RCC) award OCPP top graduates with 14 college credits toward an Associate in Applied Science degree in Opticianry.

The OCPP is also popular in unlicensed states. Employers of Opticians-in-training value the program as a thorough and comprehensive baseline for on-the-job training.

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Need Help Passing ABO/NCLE Test?

We can help! D&D Management Services has the solution! Learn from two of the top instructors in the US with D&D Management Service Tutoring. Read more about these talented individuals and contact them below to learn more.

Phernell Walker
Jane Buckland

Meet the top 2 instructors in the US that can help!

Jane Buckland

Contact Lens Giving You Fits?
Jane Buckland Is The Pro

Mrs. Buckland has over five decades’ experience as an Optician, contact
lens specialist, consultant and clinician. Upon receiving her Optometric Sciences degree in 1971 she continued Ophthalmic technician training at the University of Florida Department of Ophthalmology. She holds Master Level Certification by the National Contact Lens Examiners and is a Fellow
Ambassador and current Board Member of the National Academy of Opticianry.

She is an Honored Fellow, previous Board Member and Fellow Exam Committee member for the Contact Lens Society of America. She served on the VICA advisory committee and is a past President of the Pacific Coast Contact Lens Society.

Previous and current capacities include corporate consultant for several specialty contact lens manufacturers; guest faculty: Baylor Course, Tulane-Ellender Course; speaker: SECO, Vision Expo, Contact Lens Society of America, Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists, National Academy of Opticianry, Opti-Con and numerous state organizations. She was an adjunct instructor for Hillsborough, Miami Dade and St. Petersburg Opticianry programs.

Jane has presented thousands of accredited hours throughout the US and Canada and authored numerous articles on contact lens fitting, design, and technology, As well as being one of the original item writers for the NCLE exam, Jane was one the first to present the NCLE Review Course for Opti-Fair (now Vision Expo) and did so for 15 years consecutively.

She currently is sole proprietor of Space Coast Contact Lens Consultants.

Contact Information Coming Soon

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Phernell Walker

King of Prism & Renowned National Speaker

Anyone who meets Phernell Walker knows that optics is his passion. Phernell has become a nationally-renowned speaker because of his unique talent for teaching his students everything they need to know to become a professional optician. He authored the textbook, Pure Optics, which is used in several optometry and opticianry colleges.

Mr. Walker is a Past Adjunct Professor of Ophtahlmic Optics at Pacific University College of Optometry. Mr. Walker is one of only a few hundred
people to earn a Master in Ophthalmic Optics (ABOM).

He currently serves as the Director of Optometric Relations at VSP Ventures, proudly serves on the board of directors for the National Academy of Opticianry and the American Board of Opticianry. His educational achievements include an MBA, BS in Business, and an AS in Ophthalmic Optics. He is certified by the both the American Board of Opticianry and National Contact Lens Examiners.


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